Alberta Ghostbusters are collaborating with prop makers from the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie, Fuse33 Makerspace, Edmonton 3D Prints, Foam Armory, Huffy Unicorn Cosplay, Consolidated Geek, Crafty Geeks, Ardent Props, TK421 Prop Stop, the 501st Legion – Badlands Garrison, LA Sewing, and Along Came Quilting to build products that can help frontline workers in our province.

Fuse33 Makerspace Edmonton 3D Prints Foam Armory Huffy Unicorn Cosplay Consolidated Geek Crafty Geeks
Ardent Props TK421 Prop Stop 501st Legion - Badlands Garrison La Sewing Along Came Quilting

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What can you do?

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Our catalogue

Our “ear guards” and “scrub-style” caps will help our frontline heroes.

“Ear Guards” (3D printed)
“Ear Guards” (laser cut)Ear guards (laser cut)
“Scrub-style” caps

Please note that we no longer produce face shields.

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Build products for your community

  • Download our free stereolithography files to build “ear guards” using your own 3D printer.
  • Download our free files to build your own “ear guards” using your own laser cutter.
  • Download our pattern to help you sew “scrub-style” caps.
  • Watch a video tutorial for instructions on how to make your own “scrub-style” caps at home.

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Learn more about our efforts

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Watch our production videos

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