• Do you feel joy every time you hear the Ghostbusters theme song?
  • Are you interested in helping local charities?

If you answered yes, don’t wait another minute!   Please complete the following:


    The objectives of the Alberta Ghostbusters are as follows:

    1. To fundraise for qualified donees in Alberta and promote awareness for charitable causes through cosplay events.

    2. To further its goals through public participation in the arts in areas such as cosplay, prop making, visual arts, electronic arts, technical production, and new media.

    3. To establish and grow connections among the Ghostbusters community and resources to further a sense of belonging to the fandom.

    As a part of the recruitment application process, one must:

    1. Agree to further the objectives of the society (above).

    2. Agree to the society’s statement of ethics.

    3. Be the full age of 18 years or older.

    4. Comply with the uniform requirements. Note that uniforms are only required for participation in public group events.

    One's acceptance into the Alberta Ghostbusters is conditional upon:

    • approval from the board of directors

    • payment of membership dues

    • obtention of a Police Information Check (PIC) with a vulnerable sector check

    Member Contact Information

    Note: all fields are required.

    From time to time, the board members will require access to your contact information (as it is written above) to send you items by mail or to send you notices for upcoming meetings or events. Since the board members live in different cities, they use a cloud file storage and synchronization service to store and safeguard this information.

    Do you consent to allowing the board members of the Alberta Ghostbusters to access your personal information for the limited and identifiable purposes stated above?


    Do you consent to allowing the Alberta Ghostbusters to store and safeguard your personal information in a cloud file storage and synchronization service that only board members can access?