The Alberta Ghostbusters fundamental purposes are to fundraise for local charities and to promote awareness for charitable causes through cosplay events. Our members are committed to the highest standard of ethical norms and values.

Our ethical norms embody the specific standards of conduct that one can expect from our members at any event or function.

Our values represent the concept of what is important or beneficial to our society. They serve as guiding principles in our decision-making and actions, both personally and towards others.

Ethical Norms

As Alberta Ghostbusters, we must abide by the following ethical norms:

Confidentiality. Members must maintain the highest standards of confidentiality regarding information obtained directly or indirectly through their involvement with our society. This includes information about other members, donors, or partners. Members must avoid inadvertent disclosure of confidential information through casual or public discussion, which may be overheard or misinterpreted.

Conflict of interest. Members may not engage in activities that are in conflict with the interests of our society. It is not appropriate for members to accept gifts (excluding donations to the society) on behalf of the Alberta Ghostbusters or otherwise without permission from the Board of Directors. The Alberta Ghostbusters will not reimburse members for expenses unless agreed upon in advance.

Do no harm. This means consciously avoiding harmful actions or omissions by embodying high ethical standards and adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. This includes harassment, which is a form of discrimination that involves any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that may offend or humiliate someone. Harassment includes making unwelcome remarks or jokes, threats, intimidation or unwelcome physical contact or assault.

Representing our society. Members, especially board members, should be speaking with one voice. It is considered misconduct to speak out against our society, fellow members, donors or partners to those outside of our society. Any differences of opinion should be settled through discussion and voting according to the process outlined in the Society Bylaws.

Respectful conduct. Members are expected to dress appropriately, use appropriate language and behave in a way befitting our society. The use of alcohol or any illegal or controlled substances while on duty at an event is unacceptable.

Ethical Values

As Alberta Ghostbusters, we will strive to achieve the following values:

Accountability. We accept responsibility, set realistic goals and clearly define our deliverables. We honour and meet our commitments.

Collaboration. We promote teamwork and information sharing to leverage our strengths. We actively seek partnerships for mutual benefit. We value our relationships with external partners and acknowledge their role in our success.

Community and inclusivity. We embrace diversity and hold ourselves responsible for creating an environment in which we all want to participate.

Ethical leadership. We seek out and respond to the needs of our members and partners. We are innovative and encourage managed risk-taking. We pursue excellence and promote continuous improvement. We seek growth and development opportunities. We welcome leadership at all levels.

Integrity. We are truthful, honest, transparent, and ethical. We promote shared understanding. We are consistent and fair in dealing with others. We engage in areas where we have demonstrated competence. We acknowledge and learn from mistakes.

Responsible stewardship. We are committed to careful stewardship of all human, natural and financial resources. We are mindful of the time and talents of our members and partners. We prudently spend the funds invested in us.